Welcome to the world of Acoustics

Helimaki Acoustics is a Finnish engineering consulting company specialising in acoustics. The company was founded in 1996 by Heikki Helimäki M.Sc. (Eng.)

Today the company employs seventeen full-time highly qualified engineers and has a turnover of over 1,3 M Euro (2015). Helimaki can manage the whole chain of a building project from an acoustical perpective, also concept, programming and design to on-site inspection, measuring and fine-tuning.

Helimaki Acoustics' services cover:

* room acoustical design
* sound insulation in buildings
* noise control in HVAC systems, power plants and  
                         other industrial plants
* sound system design
* vibration control
* noise calculations for industrial sites and
                            road, rail and air traffic networks.

The company has up-to-date computer software and measurement equipment to serve it's customers professionally. This is backed up by quality systems with accreditation from FINAS (Reg.No. T260) for ISO 9001:2008, together with an accredited testing laboratory to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with the widest scope of acoustical measurement in Finland.

Feel free to contact us by phone + 358 20 7118 590 or email: info(o)helimaki.fi

On behalf of our professionals,

Heikki Helimäki
Managing Director