Acoustical improvements

Noise problem in a building can emerge for many reasons. To solve the problem many procedures have to be made. Firstly, visiting the problem scene is almost always necessary. Secondly, measuring the sound pressure levels is important, too. After having enough information the solution can be made. Often the problems are complicated, so it is also necessary to supervise the improvements made for the problem.

When the use purpose of a building is changed, a problem can also occur. Structures made for the previous purpose might not be sufficient in insulating sound after the change. For example, when a garret is changed into an apartment in a block of flats, the intermediate floor between the garret and the flat below does not meet the requirements set for sound insulation. Inhabiting industrial buildings ofter results to the need of improving the sound insulation of structures.

Room acoustics

Nothing is more annoying than a negotiation room or an auditorium that suffers from echoing. Still it is possible to reduce the reverberation time of those spaces to make speech fully understandable. Usually the reverberation time has to be measured in order to improve room acoustics.

Vibration control

Succeeding in vibration control depends on the proper selection of vibration isolators. Before this day, it was common to select the vibration isolators to be too stiff or leave them out. For making the vibration control better it is necessary to see the problem scene and do a measurement. To select the right vibration insulators also the properties of the problematic appliance should be known.

In most cases isolating the appliance is not enough, but also all the other parts, such as wires and pipes, must not be connected stiffly with the building.